Friday, October 6, 2017

Museum and Art Gallery Visit

We learnt heaps of cool stuff about dinosaurs when we visited the museum. Like - dinosaurs have scaly skin, they lay eggs, have straight legs and lived on the land. Their brain was only the size of a walnut!

We are sitting in a dinosaur's footprint!

 This is a real snakeskin! It feels like a dinosaur's scaly skin.

This is a Tyrannosaurus Rex's tooth. It's even got cavities!

This is a dinosaur's toenail! 

This is a plate off a Stegosaurus. It's one of the little ones and it's even got a bite mark in it.

This is a fossilised dinosaur poop!

We had lunch in the Botanic Gardens.

Then it was time for the Art Gallery to check out some cool artworks and have a go at printmaking.